• Skills
    • drafting of the legal content of e-commerce websites (legal mentions, privacy policy, general conditions of use, general conditions of sale in either "B to B" or "B to C") markets
    • legal opinions on collection, management and protection of personal data; connection with the CNIL (French authority for the personal data protection)
    • assistance and representation of clientele in cybserquatting disputes before specialized authorities
    • darfting, review and negtiation of computer contracts: software licence and/or Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Selected operations
    • Assistance of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the review and negotiation of a MSA regarding the design of a specific software for the purposes of R&D activities
    • introduction and follow-up of a procedure before the WIPO for the purposes of confiscating several "cybersquatted" domain names
    • assistance of an American publisher within the context of the launching of its "book-reader": review and  validation of its commercial policy in France and its e-commerce website dedicated to French Internet users
    • assistance of a foreign medical devices manfacturer within the context of the transfer of healthcare personal data of patients and its compliance with French/European data protection regulations
  • Related publications
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    • Right to be forgotten and delisting: what will the CNIL think of Google's new plan as regards delisting rights of European Internet users ? (February 2016) (see publication)
    • Invalid « Safe Harbor »: what should be done about current contracts with US companies? (see publication)
    • The "right to be forgotten" must be implemented by search engines on all relevant domains (September 2015) (see publication)
    • Quick Guide to Private-Copy Levy systems, World Law Group Ltd., 2013 (contribution pour la France)
    • Private copying and e-commerce: consumer information as bullwark against disortosions of competition and loss of revenue resulting from the non-payment of private copying levies (see publication)
    • Cybersquatting, the advantages of the WIPO procedure (Journal du Net, 6 mars 2008)