We are used to advise companies active either in the "B to B" or "B to C" market. Consequently, we are able to assist a clientele which activity is consumers-oriented in order to prevent or limit, thanks to appropriate contractual provisions, any litigation risk with non professional customers.

Nowadays, we face an incredible legislative inflation turned to protect the consumers (Hamon law, Macron law...) and the companies must be, more than ever, counselled on all aspects of their business (from the manufacturing of products to the marketing policy) in order to mitigate, to the maximum extent possible, the litigation risk, recently increased by the introduction of "class actions" under French law.

  • Skills
    • drafting of all contractual documents to the attention of consumers
    • drafting of general conditions of sale "B to C", available from websites and in line with legal requirements (information to the consumer, withdrawal period, deceptive commercial practices...)
    • assistance of clientele in terms of personal data protection and drafting of privacy policies
    • assistance of clientele within the context of prelitigation / litigation with consumers
    • validation of marketing and advertising tools, notably on site ("PLV")
  • Selected operations
    • assistance of a professional federation in (i) the complete review of its website and "glossary" meant to help its members to know all legal obligations they have towards consumers (updated with Laws Hamon and Macron) and (ii) the drafting of all standard contracts to be used by its members in their relationship with their customers.
    • assistance of several companies (from different sectors) in the implementation of a "mediator for consumer disputes" as from January 1, 2016 and advice as regards the related informative legal obligations. 
    • assistance of several clients belonging to the Retail sector (jewellery, textile): drafting of general conditions on sale online and checking of the order and payment process, in close connection with web developers
    • assistance of client in the life-insurance sector to validate its door-step selling policy
    • assistance of an American publisher within the context of the launching of its "boook-reader": review and  validation of its commercial policy in France and its e-commerce website dedicated to French Internet users (compulsory mentions regarding the distant selling, privacy policy, use of French language in commercial documents, drafting of provisions enforceable to French consumers...)
    • assistance of client in the optical sector blamed  by the French Admininistration (DGCCRF) for deceptive advertising
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